Friday, June 26, 2009

A rethink on Antiques and Handmade Furniture

With the demise of antiques, especially Victorian Brown Furniture, antique and period furniture are at an all time low pricewise. With raw material prices currently high and with ethical sourcing in mind there is a view coming out to recycle antique furniture with a more personalized twist, to have handmade furniture made from the remnants of antiques which are perhaps beyond economical repair, or do not 'fit' in your home, either style or sizewise.

With the price of some antique furniture so low, and the obvious quality of the timbers used in antiques it seems an ideal time to grace your home with a quality personalized piece of furniture.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Handmade Furniture at Wheathills

This is my first attempt at a blog so here goes:

Wheathills is not only the name of the company but also the name of the Georgian Country House where I work. It was restored to its former glory in 2002/2003 after it had been turned into a number of flats and had basically been ripped apart. Nigel, the boss, did amazing work on the house, and when completed the company moved here from its previously cramped city centre location.

Wheathills is a high quality antique sales, antique restoration, period property restoration and handmade furniture company. We have three teams of professional artisans - French Polishers, Cabinet Makers and Traditional Upholsterers, each having dedicated workshops that have large viewing windows so that visitors to Wheathills can see the chaps at work. Shown above is (Upholsterer) John. Below are Marcus, a Cabinet Maker, and Harold a French Polisher.

Traditional Cabinet Maker from Wheathills
French Polisher - Antique Finish from Wheathills

Our work is split between services (antique furniture restoration), site work (period property interior restoration), stock (restoring our items for sale) or creating bespoke handmade furniture for clients.

My job is mainly to make the tea, in between that I look after the website and create our internal computer systems. Having a mainly IT background and I am constantly in awe of the amazing craftsmanship I see every day that these guys take for granted;
but then again I have got ten left thumbs on my hands!
I hope to bring some insight into our work here at Wheathills in the near future.