Thursday, March 25, 2010

Memory Boxes - Designing and Choosing

Like buying any product there is a question of balance between cost and end result, rarely do we find that we have got the best of both worlds. Some buys though are worth the extra investment, especially when they are for personal reasons.

A good example of a personal purchase is a Memory Box; again like a lot of products there are Memory Boxes and there are Memory Boxes. Off the shelf boxes and cheap pine boxes have their place and uses, however if you truly want a personally designed box then surely Wheathills is the place to acquire them.

Memory Box - Personally Designed For A Rolls Royce Engineer

When a limited edition simply will not do, then at Wheathills you can personally commission a beautiful, exquisitely designed Memory Box with breathtaking Marquetry work.
You are giving part of yourself to someone whom you love, so you get to choose the size, colour and design that truly represent the memory of its creation.

Why settle for anything but the best?

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