Friday, August 6, 2010

Creating Marquetry on our Memory Boxes

Wheathills Memory Boxes are renowned for their beautiful marquetry images. But what is marquetry and how is it created?

To answer that we have written an article on how to create marquetry in the Features section of our site, but here is a taster.
For a 21st Birthday present we were commissioned to create a Memory Box incorporating a marquetry image of a steam locomotive (an old road locomotive). After consultations and sketches passing to and fro our artists and Cabinet Makers got to work.

One of the Cabinet Makers is carefully cutting out the area from the main sheet of Walnut where the marquetry piece will be inlaid.

The part finished Marquetry work is held in place by special veneer tape, awaiting the time when it is firmly secured to the box's surface.

The steam locomotive's marquetry wheel is painstakingly built up piece by piece.