Friday, December 17, 2010

What To Get The Person Who Has Everything

It's the thought that counts, as the story goes, but just where do we find that wonderful gift.

Well, according to Lee Bunker, a Wheathills Cabinet Maker, the gift is within the heart and memories, just waiting for the right moment to be given.

When an off the shelf gift simply will not do, a Wheathills Memory Box is the solution to the age old problem of what do you buy the person who has everything?

How people use these unique Boxes is the diverse practical element of the gift, but the true beauty is found in the symbolism and hidden meanings within the marquetry designs, guaranteeing exclusivity to the tone of - the only one of its kind in the world.
Memory Box Depicting Marquetry E Type Jaguar Sports Car

Every gift is bespoke and is focused on the personality of the giver and receiver of the Box. Fascinating life stories are captured and intertwined with special moments, family history and aspirations for the future. They are created to an exquisite standard ensuring longevity, true value and a sense of that precious family heirloom.

The construction and finish of each Box is reversible, meaning that new stories can be celebrated and added to the design as time moves on.

Wheathills have found their clients have many uses for their boxes, from the simple but elegant place to keep safe family mementoes, to grand Humidors and Watch Winders to Gun Cases, Purdey Display Strong Boxes, Jewellery Cases, Wedding Keepsake Boxes, Birthdays, Christenings and the list goes on.

The defining qualities shared by these gifts are the unique life stories adorning each Box. The effort and immense thought invested by the giver, proof indeed of genuine love and affection for the receiver, which in itself is the ultimate gift for the Person Who Has Everything.

When off the shelf simply will not do, see Wheathills Memory Boxes.

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

News Of Our Latest Marquetry Memory Boxes

We have just updated with a series of our latest Marquetry Memory Boxes, and enhanced the ranges of boxes.

These Memory Boxes are remarkable and very different from the normal expectation of a Memory Box inasmuch that they are a thing of beauty, a work of art, a highly personalised artefact and an heirloom all rolled into one. Each box has a story of yof the client's loves, life and passions inlaid in breathtaking marquetry on both the outside and inside of the box.

No two boxes are the same and each is 100& handmade in our Derbyshire workshops (with the exception of brassware or silverware).

Below is a Wedding Memory Box commissioned for a couple who are lifelong Liverpool supporters:

Here a couple whose love for opera and fine music inspired them to have a Memory Box created for their baby daughter, who no doubt will use the box for storing keepsakes and mementos.

A lady whose Alma Mater was Clare College Cambridge commissioned this memory box to celebrate her time there:

All of these boxes and a lot more are on show at