Thursday, July 12, 2012

Restoring and French Polishing a Longcase Clock

Longcase Clock Pre Restoration

Recently we had the pleasure and privilege to restore a beautiful Queen Anne Long Case Clock.
The piece is about 300 years old (Queen Anne period 1702 - 1714), and in the pre restoration image every one of those years seems to be taking its weary toll.

Wheathills' teams of craftsmen got to work on it. The Cabinet Makers restored the worn timbers and areas of damage , whilst the French Polishers gilded with Gold Leaf the capitals and plinths of the columns either side of the clock dial and faithfully restored the antique finish with colour blending and oil polishing. Due to the importance of originality and the age of the piece, great care was taken not to disturb any natural signs of age or patina.
The owners were thrilled with the level of restoration and it has retained its pride of place state once more.

Longcase Clock After Restoration

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Marquetry At Wheathills

Wheathills are now offering Marquetry Creation and Restoration, along with antique and property restoration and handmade furniture as part of their array of services.
Marquetry can not only be integrated into boxes and objets d'art, but also furniture, panelling and even marquetry ceilings are being created for clients.

Existing Marquetry can also be restored, as seen in our restoration of The Brighton Belle, the world's only remaining electric Pullman Train. Wheathills are tasked with restoring the interiors and marquetry panelling back to their former glory.