Tuesday, August 13, 2013

David Dickinson at Wheathills

DEALING WITH DICKINSON - a BBC TV programme hosted by David Dickinson and filmed partly at Wheathills, explored the journey of six people all eager to discover the realities of being an Antiques Dealer.
The programme's producers were attracted by the Antique Study Lectures offered by Wheathills, as they provided the ideal platform to educate the 6 volunteers on the correct identification and dating of antique furniture, as well as helping them to avoid fakes and marriages when it came to buying antiques themselves.
The six initially knew nothing about antiques, but during the course of the programme learnt to identify good items of furniture, buy at auctions, oversee the restoration of items purchased before finally exhibiting them at a large trade fair in Birmingham.
During the first day's filming the six took part in Antique Identification which was delivered by Nigel Heldreich and filmed in the Cabinet Makers' workshops (preferred by the camera crew as it provided a more interesting backdrop). The participants thoroughly enjoyed the study day and all felt fully prepared for the second day when they would be set challenges designed to test their recently acquired knowledge.
On Day Two the programme host David Dickinson arrived and joined Nigel in preparing a series of challenges. The first task was to select the only good piece of furniture from a group of fakes, marriages and other items specifically chosen to catch out the unwary.
Next came the 'Dating Game' where a collection of chairs from the 17th - 20th centuries had to be arranged in the correct chronological order, with each contestant investigating the method of construction rather than the piece's style; it was essential that the differences between wooden blocks, brackets, wooden rub blocks and pegs were clearly recognized, as some chairs were designed in styles more common in previous eras. The contestant's recently acquired knowledge was put to the test.
Additionally Wheathills undertook careful and sympathetic restoration and conservation on some of the items bought during the show. Projects included replacing a beautiful Corner Cupboard's back panels with period timber, dismantling and re-gluing a set of fine Regency dining chairs, as well as cleaning, conserving and making minor repars to a Victorian Folio Stand and Chaise Longe, a Regency Rosewood Gaming Table and an Edwardian Tray. An Antique Restoration Case Study of the dining chairs can be seen here.
"Thank you for your excellent work carried out on the Antiques selected for my forthcoming BBC television programme. The restoration was sympathetic and I was pleased with the results." David Dickinson.

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