Thursday, December 19, 2013

Bespoke And Handmade Furniture

In earlier times, commissioning handmade furniture was an important practice amongst the wealthy and well-to-do. The quality of furniture within the home dictated a person’s standing in society, so most people were very hands-on in the building of their custom pieces. The patience and skill required to build handmade furniture led to a great appreciation of both the work of the craftsman and the value that the piece added to the home, at Wheathills all of our Cabinet Makers are highly skilled artisans.

Around the 20th century, the mass production of manufactured furniture took away from the value of original pieces. Instead of looking for quality in each piece of furniture that was put in the home, people began focusing more on price and availability. Gone were the days when furniture was one of the most important aspects of the home.

Recently, people have rediscovered the benefits of commissioning quality handmade pieces. Commissioning bespoke furniture provides buyers with a fulfilling experience that cannot be matched by purchasing from a store or catalogue.

One of the greatest benefits of commissioning handmade furniture is that the client is able to see their ideas turned into creation. When a person seeks to build a customised piece of furniture, they must choose a craftsman that they trust. Once this is done, they are able to work closely with the craftsman, choosing the proper materials and modifying the design to ensure that their product comes out exactly as they wanted. They are also able to frequently check in with the craftsman to watch as their creation comes to life. This process is very rewarding for the buyer because they were able to be very involved with the building of their furniture, making each custom piece so much more valuable to them.

Wheathills have taken this one step further and offer an “Under Lock & Key” facility where clients have their own secure web page, images and video clips of the construction process are posted onto the page for viewing, and the client is kept informed of any new footage.

Another benefit of commissioning handmade furniture is being able to own a piece that no one else has. Even some of the best shop-bought furniture cannot compare to the originality and quality of a handmade bespoke design. Commissioning handmade furniture is a practice that can add lasting value to a buyer’s home. Having an exclusively made item of furniture in the home is a source of pride for many home owners. The handmade pieces are often the first items they show off to visitors and make for a great conversation piece. Wheathills assist at every stage of the creation process and supply highly detailed specifications and artist’s impressions of the furniture. With the increasing availability of low quality and overly-accessible manufactured furniture, there has never been a better time to commission handmade pieces. While the low price tag of shop-bought furniture may provide a momentary thrill for buyers, custom handmade pieces are able to provide a lifetime of satisfaction and value to their homes. Commissioning handmade furniture is a practice that inspires creativity and appreciation for skillfully-crafted, high quality items that will last for years to come.

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